Exploratory Units (EU) is a highly-motivating, child-centered programme taught as a multidisciplinary subject. Key learning areas include: history, geography, science, design and technology and global citizenship.

EU uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as a guiding framework to help our students develop key knowledge, skills and understanding. The Shanghai Science Curriculum is the guiding document for all sciences learned at the primary school phase. The IPC Science and Shanghai Science standards have been cross-referenced and this document can be accessed at the school.


By using these two curriculums, we are able to:
  • Offer learning opportunities that incorporate both Chinese and international curriculum perspectives.
  • Provide students with the chance to explore the world around them through a cycle of enquiry.
  • Provide opportunities for students to practice and develop the skills they will need to navigate the future academically, emotionally, culturally and physically.
  • Expose students to the importance of becoming lifelong learners.
  • Provide students with key knowledge and understanding relevant to their lives today.


EU is a Chinese/English dual-language subject with the language of instruction determined based on the age of the students

Language of instruction

Years 1/2


Year 3

English / Chinese (Transitional Bilingual)

Year 4/5



Knowledge, skills and understanding are defined as follows:
  • Knowledge is something we know is a fact. Knowledge usually stays the same but it sometimes changes after new discoveries are made.
  • A skill is something that is learned and improves with practice.
  • Understanding is a difficult concept to define. It combines both knowledge and skills and is constantly changing depending on our values and circumstances.